about my work

      I primarily make folders of my own design as well as fixed blade hunting, fillet and knives for leather workers. I’ve also done some unique projects such as custom leather knife designs and knives for furriers. All of my knives are handmade one at a time using the stock removal method; each knife is truly one of a kind. I typically use CPM154CM, ATS-34, 01 and stainless Damascus for steel. Handle materials I’ve used include stag, bone, fossil ivory, Micarta, carbon fiber and various exotic hardwoods.

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about the maker

      My commitment to making knives started in mid-1983. It wasn’t long before what started out to be a satisfying hobby turned into a business requiring more and more of my free time. The increased demand for my work compelled me to strive for improved quality and craftsmanship in every succeeding knife I made. Each blade design is the result of careful planning, paying particular attention to form vs. function. Though I enjoy making my own versions of established standards, I feel it is also important to create new, innovative designs, but always with practicality in mind.

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